International transport in of the European Union

International transport

Transport of goods in nearly 20 countries

We are a company that feels very well on the international market. We serve clients in several languages, and also know the specifics of the largest European markets. This gives us an advantage over the competition, which has settled in the domestic yard for years.

Our offer includes transport with standard and mega tarpaulins and cabotage in nearly 20 European Union countries. We operate in both the largest European economies such as Germany, France and the Netherlands, as well as Poland -like countries like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania.

Our offer is addressed to Polish entrepreneurs selling their goods in the European Community, as well as to foreign contractors who want to bring their goods to Poland or are looking for cabotage transport in other countries.

Our company’s motto is Carry Your Success! And on her, and achieving the greatest trust of our clients, we focus on performing our services.

Standard and Mega tarpaulin tarpaulin

We offer dimensional transport in Poland and the European Union using the standard tarpaulin semi -trailers - for goods of ordinary size and Mega tarpaulin semi -trailers - for goods larger than a standard pallet.

Cabotage throughout the European Union

In addition to international transport, we also offer cabotage in virtually all European Union countries. We provide him with both Polish companies and we are a trusted contractor of European companies.

Transport with XL code

Our trucks are also adapted to transport goods marked with the XL code, i.e. exceeding a significantly standard dimension (however, we do not offer large -size transport!)

We support transport and international cabotage

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The most popular transport services

We offer the transport of all types of dimensions

Modern fleet

We make transport with cars

When putting on Omnivity Logistics, we focused primarily on a modern fleet. Currently, when choosing a carrier, the most important is not only the price of transport – this is also influenced by the economy of the fleet and the proper use of resources – but also the safety of transported goods and ecology of transport.

In our fleet, we focused on modern DAF XF 106 vehicles in Standard and Low Deck versions. DAF is a well -known and reputable manufacturer of transport and trucks, constantly improving his products in the area of economics, ecology, safety and design. We decided that the trust of this brand will be a good step during the construction of our fleet and the satisfaction of customers from our transport services only confirms that it was a good decision.

A professional and modern fleet is a guarantee of safe transport – in Omnivity Logistics we know it and that’s why we provide you with success in this way!

DAF XF 106 Standard

DAF XF 106 Low Deck

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