New and safe cars in our fleet

What do we carry your goods in Omnivity Logistics?

Modern fleet

When putting on Omnivity Logistics, we focused primarily on a modern fleet. Currently, when choosing a carrier, the most important is not only the price of transport – this is also influenced by the economy of the fleet and the proper use of resources – but also the safety of transported goods and ecology of transport.

In our fleet, we focused on modern DAF XF 106 vehicles in Standard and Low Deck versions. DAF is a well -known and reputable manufacturer of transport and trucks, constantly improving his products in the area of economics, ecology, safety and design. We decided that the trust of this brand will be a good step during the construction of our fleet and the satisfaction of customers from our transport services only confirms that it was a good decision.

A professional and modern fleet is a guarantee of safe transport – in Omnivity Logistics we know it and that’s why we provide you with success in this way!


In our fleet we focus on the latest car models. We assume that only the latest technology will ensure safety and a high standard.


The safety of our drivers and transported goods are always in the first place for us.


Restricting transport costs can only be provided thanks to a modern fleet, which optimally uses fuel resources.


We are aware of the threats and challenges that modern times bring us, which is why we pay a lot of attention to the ecology of transport when choosing cars for the fleet.

DAF XF 106 Standard

DAF XF 106 Low Deck

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