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Complex offer

In the era of globalization, transport is called the bloodstream of the economy. Without efficiently functioning logistics routes, we would not live in a world we know now. That is why we know how important it is for this transport to be carried out efficiently, professionally and comprehensively.

In our offer, we decided not to limit ourselves to the domestic market, and to meet the expectations of our clients who cooperate with foreign markets within the European Union. Thanks to multilingual customer service, we also successfully serve foreign companies, transporting their goods in the European community or bringing their products to Poland.

In our offer you will find domestic transport in Poland and foreign in nearly 20 European Union countries. We carry out the dimensional transport with standard and mega tarpaulin semi -trailers with XL codes.

Thanks to our comprehensive service from beginning to end, you know exactly where your shipment is and what its status is, and in case of problems you do not remain alone with them!

Dimensional transport Standard tarpaulin

We successfully transport standard goods in Poland and the European Union, most often on pallets, which do not exceed the standard code with their dimensions.

Dimensional transport Mega tarpaulin

For more demanding customers and transporting slightly larger goods, we offer transport with higher mega semi -trailers.

Transport with XL code

Our trucks are also adapted to transport goods marked with the XL code, i.e. exceeding a significantly standard dimension (however, we do not offer large -size transport!)

The most popular transport services

We offer the transport of all types of dimensions

As a Polish company, creating an Omnivity Logistics offer, it was natural to start customer service, on the domestic market. We offer transport of dimensional goods throughout Poland – from Szczecin to Rzeszów and from Białystok to Cieszyn.

Our client is companies from various industries – producers, traders or delivery vans for whom we provide transport services for their goods to warehouses or target customers. As well as we cooperate as subcontractors of transport services with other forwarding companies that need additional transport power.

We approach each order individually, asking what the customer expects from us and we send a fully personalized quote.

Thanks to the common European market, there are no trade or customs boundaries, but we still have to deal with the barrier to the distance. However, thanks to the efficient system and transport services, these limits can be eliminated.

We operate throughout the European Union in Omnivity Logistics. We carry out transport both in the area as well as to such economically great countries as Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands, as well as to developing countries with which Poland is eager to trade – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, coal, Belgium, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. Our staff knows the European market and we are fluent in customers in several languages, which makes us a trusted and professional partner in business.

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